Where's the angel?
Thinking of you keeps me awake... Dreaming of you keeps me asleep... Being with you keeps me happy... But, above all, loving you keeps me alive.

My name is Dani. I'm a Sagittarius, I enjoy rainy days, long books (and/or fanfics) with a good plotline and hot men. And I did not kill anyone. (yet.)

I made a post. but minutes after I posted it, I deleted it b/c I felt annoying & before I know, the notes reached 1k and they keep coming and right now it's at 136k+ notes and sometimes I cry about it ok?
TL;DR: I'm stupid and the Universe Hates me.

Also, I'm from Argentina but I'm currently living in Peru
Previously destielrainbows

This blog started as a supernatural blog but it went downhill and now its just fandoms and jokes no one in the outernet would laugh at...
Mainly: spn, actors, and sometimes glee, got and other stuff

None of the gifs or pics I use are mine unless said otherwise (though not likely)

Also, to my followers: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH you don't have any idea how much it means to me :) <3

Wow, have i told you guys that This idiot. is like the best person ever wow, for real yo.


Steal his look: Brendon Urie

Versace 24k gold plated waste bin ($88,894.32)


When you bullshit an essay and manage to get a good grade.image







this may be the best headline broadway.com has ever had